MPS Board Takes Concerns to State Dept. of Education

After frustrations boiled over at last week’s Montgomery Public Schools board meeting, school leaders took their concerns directly to the state department of education and asked for answers Monday.

MPS Board Member Melissa Snowden shared documents from the meeting with Alabama News Network.  One of the biggest concerns from the MPS board was a lack of organization and communication.

“At the end of the day, the state department is calling the shots, but what they’re raising as their concerns is concerns that we have too,” she explained.

A new organizational chart shows new positions created within the district including a state appointed chief financial officer, chief education officer, and a chief of staff. Snowden says Monday was the board’s first chance to meet many of the new hires.


“I think that’s where my board members and I had a lot of frustration is that we knew that they had been hired but that we had not had a chance to talk with them and share our concerns,” she shared.

The Alabama Department of Education could not be reached for an interview Monday.



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