Study Ranks Alabama School Districts Based on Teacher Salary

A recent study performed by ranked Alabama school districts by salary.

A detailed list of all the school systems can be found here, but on average teachers in Alabama earned $45,610/yr. It’s much lower than the national average teacher salary that comes in at $58,950/yr. Butler County schools came in a little below that average salary, with teachers in the county earning $42,36/yr.

Naomi Pryor is an English teacher at Greenville High School. She and her husband left one of the top five paying school districts on the list to teach in Butler County 11 years ago. She says the paycheck isn’t the most important thing to her. She wanted to be in a school system where she knew she was making a difference.

“Teachers don’t want anything that’s beyond reason,” she says. “They just want to do their jobs and be recognized for doing their jobs well. If that’s financially, great. If it’s a pat on the back, great. If it’s, you know, whatever teachers need to do their job and do it well, that’s all teachers want.”

The study also compared statistics like the number of teachers in each district and the level of education of teachers.

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