Golden Apple Teacher of the Year: David Rudd

During the school year, we honored many deserving teachers with Golden Apple awards. Four of those previous winners have been competing to be the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year. Those winners were voted on by viewers, the votes have been counted and Ryan Stinnett reveals this year’s new Golden Apple Teacher of the Year.

As we end the school year, it is time to award Golden Apple Teacher of the Year. With over 270,000 votes cast, you the viewers have chosen…David Rudd from the Saint James School in Montgomery.

We first met David Rudd back in February, where as he was in the middle of his 24th year of teaching world history and world religions & philosophies class. Over those years, Rudd has learned effective ways to keep his students engaged in learning.

You know, somebody once said that teaching is an art. After a while you get into a rhythm, and you realize what works and what doesn’t work. I think that the most import things is to establish a relationship with the students. Kinda of a mutual trust thing, that they know I have a job to do. An if they respect me enough that I can do that job, than I’ll respect them enough that we can try and have some fun in the process,” says Rudd.

What is ahead for Rudd in his 25th year of teaching?

Rudd says, “More of the same, we keep plugging away, every year we try different things in class, i have to change up tests and sometimes do things differently, change what I teach, change topics that I teach, use the technology we have in different ways, so it is always a challenge to try and keep it interesting every year.”

Of course we say congratulations to Mr. Rudd. The other three nominees for the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year included Cherea Crayton from Autauga County Technical Center, Faith Franks from Bethany Christian Academy in Montgomery, and Ronda Daniel from Hayneville Middle School

We say Congratulations to all our Golden Apple winners this year. Look for more Golden Apples starting next school year.

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