Stuckey’s Barber and Style Shop Opens New Location

Linda Stuckey was ready for a long day of cutting hair on Thursday.

“Your regular haircut? Clean, short?” she asked the man sitting in her chair. “A high and tight? Sure thing, Mr. David.”

Linda Stuckey trims one of her regular customer’s hair in her new store.

It’s the regular cuts and regular customers that keep Stuckey in business. Her barbershop, Stuckey’s Barber and Style Shop, has been open in Greenville for nearly eighty years. The business changed hands only four times before Stuckey bought it in 2005.

The barbershop also changed names five times, to reflect ownership. But the shop had never had an owner quite like Linda Stuckey.

“I was the first lady barber in Greenville that worked in a male barbershop, all male barbershop,” she explained. “And to keep with the ‘male image,’ I just went with my last name instead of my first name.”

Keeping with tradition, Stuckey didn’t change much besides the name when she took over the shop.

“We are a traditional barbershop. No chemical services, we do cut hair. First come, first serve.”

First come, first serve is true. There are no appointments at Stuckey’s; the customers come in and wait for the next free stylist and open chair. The person who’s been waiting the longest gets to go first, unless they’re waiting for a certain stylist.

Even though Stuckey wanted to keep the shop as traditional and true to its roots as she could, the time came for her to make a big change. A developer bought the building the barbershop was in and had been in for nearly a century. Stuckey knew she’d have to move if she wanted to stay in business.

“The renovation couldn’t quite be done with us there!” she laughed as she snipped Mr. David’s hair just a little shorter.

The new sign in front of Stuckey’s features the store’s motto, “We like hairy people.”

She didn’t move to far, just about a mile down the road. The shop is still on East Commerce Street, but now there’s triple the space, plenty of room to grow, and plenty of parking spots for the loyal customers who moved with Stuckey and her crew.

Stuckey’s grand re-opening day was Thursday, June 1. Stuckey was amazed that the shop was so busy, with customer after customer lining up to get into the new building.

“We have really good customers,” said Stylist Amanda Tetter. She’s been cutting hair with Stuckey for six years. “I believe that wherever we go, our customers will follow. That’s how amazing they are.”

“We’ve got the best customers in the world!” Stuckey echoed. “They were very patient with the transitioning, and we’re glad they’re coming over to this location.”

One of Stuckey’s youngest customers got a trim on opening day.

To Stuckey and her stylists, the people who come into their shop and sit in their chairs are much more than just heads of hair.

“They become a part of your family,” she said, finishing up Mr. David’s style. “You know and see their children grow up, and some of their grandchildren grow up, and you end up cutting maybe two, three generations of hair over a lifetime, maybe even four. That’s awesome. That’s awesome to see a child grow up and then bring their children back.”

“As long as I can remember,” said the customer in the chair over, Josh Simmons, when asked how long he’s been coming to the barbershop. “My dad brought me, starting bringing me… Probably when I was three or four years old? Who knows, it’s been a long time!”

Stuckey finally finished shaving Mr. David’s neck and giving it a good dusting to make sure she got the tiny hairs out of his shirt collar. She swept the hair he left behind to the corner while saying her store’s motto, “We like hairy people!”

Stuckey’s Barber and Style Shop is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7 AM – 5 PM; Wednesdays from 8 AM – 2 PM; Saturdays 7 AM – 12 PM; and the store is closed on Sundays.

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