Gun Thefts Trigger Investigations at Selma Police Department

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The theft of hundreds of guns from the Selma Police Department evidence vault has triggered joint investigations into the case by state and federal authorities.

Police Chief Spencer Collier says he called the FBI in on the case to make sure its investigated as thoroughly as possible.

Collier says guns are at the center of an ATF investigation while public corruption is the focus of an investigation by the Attorney General.

The investigations stem from the arrest of an evidence technician who was charged with stealing guns from the evidence vault last month.

“From my perspective this is one case. It is a public corruption case that involved the theft and resale of multiple guns putting them on the street. Therefore, I believe the appropriate agency to handle the investigation is the FBI,” said Collier.

Two others have been arrested and charged in connection with the stolen weapons.

Collier says the ongoing investigations could lead to more charges and more arrests.

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