Your Town Friday: Alexander City

Downtown Alexander city, has seen quite a few changes over the years but one thing residents say hasn’t changed is the town’s quiet charm.

Alexander City native Sandra Wyckoff says “it’s just like a family, you know, it’s a small town and a very family oriented city, so I always love coming home. ”

Resident Allie Reams explains “I like that I know pretty much everyone, everyone is really friendly”.

Others like local business owner Amy Hill says  it just takes a few words to describe Alex City: “very friendly, very quaint, and growing”.

For those looking to pay Alexander City a visit, Allie Reams gives her recommendations on some of the best spots in town. She says “I would say they have to go to Carlisle’s and Lake Martin”.

The lake may be one of the town’s biggest attractions but Local business owner , Sarah Neighbors  says Alex City town has more to offer. Neighbors explains “a lot of new business are opening up downtown , so its very vibrant and lots of activity , and its really lots of fun”.

Though she’s a native of Alex City, Sandra Wyckoff now lives in Texas. She’s back in town for the city’s annual jazz festival and says she’s impressed with the towns growth since her last visit. Wyckoff explains “I’m happy to see that there seems likes a lot of upcoming businesses here since the last time that I visited here. There’s a lot more shopping as you can see. I see a lot of different new business and I think that’s great”.

Wyckoff adds that she’d like to  see a few more things added to her hometown such as “more community involvement , businesses and things focusing around a lot of our younger people in Alex City”.

Organizations like Main Street Alexander City, are working to revitalize the downtown area to continue to attract more businesses.

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