Greenville Police Looking for Gas Pump Theft Suspect

Greenville Police believe this man is Lucky Ball and say he stole more than $1,700 from an unmanned gas pump.

Greenville Police are looking for a man they say stole more than $1,700 of gasoline in a ten day period.

Police say the suspect is using a stolen gas key or key card to “buy” the gas from an unmanned gas pump. The man allegedly stole the gas from June 3rd to the 15th.

Investigators say they believe the man to be Lucky Ball,  34-year-old man from Greenville. They say Ball is facing felony charges, and the owners of the cars he allegedly filled up during that time could also be facing misdemeanor charges.

Ball is also wanted in questioning on a vehicle breaking and entering case. Anyone who knows where Ball is can call the Greenville Police Department at (334) 382 – 7461 and speak to an investigator.


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