Urban Forester Shares How To Minimize Storm Damage To Your Home

While a few crews are still out cleaning up damage from a very wet weekend, others are encouraging residents to get their yards ready for the next round of severe weather.

Large branches, fallen limbs or worse a tree on top of your house; it’s a sight that no homeowner wants to see. That’s why Montgomery’s urban forester Russell Stringer says its important to be proactive.

Stringer explains how to spot those dead branches that could end up smashing into your house. He says “if you’ve got a large tree and you see what is called die back where the tips of the branches do not have foliage… your tree is having some issues.”

But he also warns that sometimes the problem lies much deeper.”When its this wet, when its been raining for two months solid now you have saturated ground conditions and if a tree does not have a good root system, you have a danger of a tree uprooting and falling over”.

He says to keep an eye out for one small sign that there may be a big problem with your trees root system. He warns “when you see the mushroom that lets you know that you do have decay in your tree and at that point you need to bring in a professional”.

Tree removal can be pricey, but it’s best to get rid of rotting trees in your yard before they come down on their own and cost you even more. Stringer  recommends inspecting the trees in your yard for any signs of decay about every 6 months and advises “if you think you’ve got an issue call a professional”.

If you live in Montgomery and suspect that you may have a tree on your property that could be hazardous, you can call the city’s urban forester for a free consultation. But no matter where you live, the city only removes trees on public property. The ones in your yard are your responsibility.

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