Steady Rains Could Impact Some Butler County Roads

The steady rain hasn’t had much of an impact on Butler County roads just yet. There are a certain number of roads that usually flood during severe weather, says County Engineer Dennis McCall, but so far so good.

“We’ve had no issues with this slow rain,” he says. “I guess our concern is if it continues to do this throughout the night and then we do get a flash flood event, we could see some real problems.”

McCall says the real danger will come if the rain keeps progressing and begins overwhelming the county’s drainage systems.

“As far as the paved road system, the rain itself creates no problem for us. At the point that all the drainage ditches are full, the drainage structures are at capacity, that when we start seeing erosion type issues. Water over-topping roadways, those types of problems.”

He does believe the paved roads will be fine if the rain stays steady and slow like it has been, but the unpaved roads could cause other problems. Butler County has 250 miles of unpaved roads that could be washed out in heavy rains.

There’s no real way to prepare for a flash flood, but McCall advises to try to stay home if you can. If you do know of a road that’s flooded, he says you can call 911 and report what you saw. That gives engineers an official record and location to check out.

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