College Students Participating in Maxwell International Orientation Program

Students from Alabama State University, Alabama University-Montgomery and Trenholm State Community College are helping the children of foreign soldiers transition to life in America at Maxwell Air Force Base.

The families of the students enrolled in the Maxwell Air University’s International Officer School attend a week long program over the summer to help them learn about their new home. The program is called the International Family Orientation Program, and gives spouses and children of the IOS students a chance to get to know each other and vital things about Montgomery.

Maxwell has offered the orientation for nearly 30 years, but this is the first time college students who are majoring in education were allowed to volunteer. Two dozen students helped the families with whatever they needed, whether that be showing moms the closest pediatrician’s office or helping the kids make a new friend on the playground.

“We have a lot of volunteers, they do it all for us!” says Go Postma from the Netherlands. “And they want to help us… People from Maxwell, military people, they help us. So I don’t feel alone. We don’t feel alone.”

This year nearly 250 spouses and children participating in the orientation.

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