School Board Members React to New Superintendent Announcement

Margaret Allen was greeted with applause and gratitude at Tuesday’s MPS School Board meeting, just one day after announcing plans to retire.

“I’m very very grateful, I really am. It’s good for somebody to say thank you,” she explained.


Just hours after the news broke Monday, the State Department of Education announced Dr. Reginald Eggleston as her replacement.  Eggleston serves as Chief Education Officer for the state.

“I hope that he does well,” Allen said of her replacement, “I’m available to support and to offer whatever even after I’m out of here. I’m available.”


Other board members say the quick decision doesn’t sit well with them.

We weren’t given that opportunity because they already had placed Mr. Eggleston in place,” explained board President Robert Porterfield.

Porterfield says he doesn’t know Dr. Eggleston well enough to have given input on considering him for the job.  He and other board members found out about the decision on a conference call Monday afternoon.

Officials from the State Department of Education were not available Tuesday to comment.

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