State Commission Board Approves 2 More Public Charter Schools in Alabama, One in Montgomery

The Alabama Public Charter Schools Commission has approved 2 more public charter schools, one of them in Montgomery.  It’s called the The Infinity Learning Center and has received conditional approval. It would be Montgomery’s first charter school and the 3rd in the state.
Charlotte Meadows, president of the school’s founding board discussed the next steps.  She explains that it was a tough process to even allow charter schools in Alabama. She says “that was a big lift for our legislature to say 42 other states in the country have this, Alabama can have this too let’s see where it goes.
There’s still a lot more details to be worked out before the Infinity Learning Center is given final approval to open its doors next school year, but there’s already a location in mind.

Meadows says “we are hoping to locate to 5 miles of downtown Montgomery”.

The school will serve at-risk students in Montgomery County “because that’s where the greatest need is, we’re looking for students who are not having their needs met at a traditional school system and who want something different” says Meadows.

The plan is to start with 285 students in grades 9-12, offering courses in aviation business, law enforcement and legal services. Meadows says “those are actually some areas that Montgomery is deficient in providing workers for”.

As for the selection process Meadows explains “we’re going to take anybody who is interested , anybody who wants to come there will be a beginning sign up or registration next spring, and then if we have exceed the amount of student that we can take the we will have to go to a lottery system”.

Meadows says the next few steps in the approval process will be a lot of work on their end, but it’s a challenge she and her team are willing to tackle.

The Infinity Learning Center hopes to have a final approval from the State Charter School Commission July 24th.
University Charter School is the name of the other school, it will be operated by the University of West Alabama in Sumter County and is scheduled to open in August 2018.















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