Newly Appointed MPS Superintendent on Priorities for School System

Soon after Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Margaret Allen announced her retirement Monday, officials with the State Department of Education appointed Dr. Reginald Eggleston to the job.  Dr. Eggleston will continue his role as Chief Education Officer while assuming superintendent duties.

Friday he shared that he will be the acting superintendent throughout entire intervention process and he’ll soon be attending Montgomery County School Board meetings.

Dr. Eggleston also explained that the educational audits of schools have been completed and should be released within the next month.

“I believe the actions that we’re going to take will have a direct impact on us being successful so the strategies that will be developed from this information are strictly to help us teach better, focus on the leadership within the school and ultimately create better opportunities for our young people,” he explained.

Margaret Allen’s tentative last day is at the end of July.

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