Alabama Works Expands to Pike County

Working in 7 regions throughout Alabama, The aim of Alabama works is to communicate more effectively with businesses locally versus on a state level.

“We meet with them to find out their concerns, what are their challenges, what are the things that they face on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, that kind of hinders them in some of their ways to grow their businesses or have a better qualified workforce,” says Ryan Richards, Southeast Director of Workforce Development.

The program has now expanded into Pike County, hoping to connect with new and existing businesses.

“Some of the things we keep hearing are industrial maintenance or industrial systems so a lot of these companies are going into highly automated machines and they require specific skills and knowledge to work on those,” says Richards.

It’s not just businesses and job seekers benefiting. But also students as the organization works closely with those interested in skilled labor jobs.

“Anytime that we can provide assistance to our schools, we can provide assistance to our businesses and we can actually train somebody for the business world is a win win for everyone,” says Kathy Saur, President of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

Their goal?
To grow industries by getting people in the know of high demand skilled jobs that are available in their own communities.

“There are a lengthy amount of different companies that can benefit from the people that are looking who are unemployed or either under employed,” says Richards.


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