State Releases Audit Results of Montgomery Public Schools

The Alabama Board of Education has released its audit report into Montgomery Public Schools. Earlier this year, the state took over 27 schools in the system, which is about half of Montgomery Public Schools’ facilities.

In the overall categories of the audit, the state found these results:

Overall effectiveness – Inadequate

Effectiveness of Leadership and Governance – Inadequate

Effectiveness of District support for Learning – Inadequate

Effectiveness of Operational Systems – Requires Improvement

Quality of School Outcomes – Inadequate

In discussing the audit, the report says, “The District Board has not been effective in holding the Superintendent and her District staff to account for improving student progress and raising the very low levels of achievement in the 27 Montgomery schools where the State Department of Education has decided to intervene. Given the lack of impact on these very low scores, the governance of the district must be judged to be inadequate overall.”

Click this link to see the overall results of the audit, and details on each school that the state has taken over.

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