More Arrests Made in Massive Theft Case in Pike County

Two more people are arrested in what officials believe to be the biggest theft case in Pike County. David and Michael Beasley, have now been charged in the case.
Both are the sons of Marjorie Beasley, who was arrested with Karen White and Jeanette Holiday in March for stealing over $1.8 million dollars from the company in the last four years.
Marjorie Beasley was also charged with taking more than $500 thousand dollars from the Whaley’s personal account.
David and Michael Beasley are also accused of using credit and gas cards issued on Whaley Construction accounts.  Marjorie Beasley provided those cards to her sons. Officials say the cards had Whaley Construction printed on them.
Authorities allege David Beasley accounted for $2,900 in fraudulent charges.  They allege Michael Beasley accounted for $55,000 in fraudulent charges.
Both  are charged with Theft of Property in the First Degree. Both have posted bond and have been released.
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