Missing 8 Y/O Female Calico Cat

Missing Female Calico Cat. Our 8 year old cat named Jinxie/Jinx has been missing since Friday, July 14th around 8:00PM. Jinxie is a very sweet cat and loves to be held. She has an unusually long tail for a cat. She responds better to Jinx vs. Jinxie. She is primarily grey, white, and tan domestic long haired Calico. She is an indoor and outdoor cat that is friendly and very vocal. She loves to talk to people. She is a healthy cat and never strays far away from home. She weighs 9.5 pounds and does have a microchip. She was last seen around 8:00 pm Friday night. She loves being outside, but never strays far from home. Anytime we call her name she will normally quickly respond. We are very concerned as four cats in our subdivision, Spring Hollow, are missing in the past week. We live in the Millbrook/Deatsville area and if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. We have had her since she was six weeks old and is like a child to us. You can reach Rob or Lisa Boyles at 334-285-3646 or 334-546-9775. Email: lsboyles2@gmail.com. If anyone has any information and are unable to locate us immediately you can also contact her vet with Cobbs Ford Pet Clinic at 285-3331 or her microchip provider HomeAgain.com1-888-466-3242. Both Cobbs Ford and Home again have an alert in her file that she is a lost pet. We greatly appreciate any information anyone could provide!! We love her dearly and are praying to bring her home safely. Thank you in advance!


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