MPS Failing Schools Transfer Numbers

Some parents are taking matters into their own hands in an attempt to get their children out of failing schools and the Alabama Accountability Act is one solution they are finding.  It allows for parents to get tax credits if they transfer their child out of a failing school.

So far Alabama News Network has learned that seven M.P.S. schools will be affected this upcoming school year by transfers through this program.

MPS Officials say ten students have transferred to Halcyon Elementary for the upcoming school year, four to Morningview Elementary and three to Pintlala Elementary.

Officials with the Department of Revenue say in 2015, 140 of these tax credits were approved, but it’s too early to tell how this year’s numbers will look.

“We wouldn’t see the increase until we look at tax returns for the year, tax returns for the 2017 year won’t be filed until 2018, so when we look at the request at that point we might see some differences,” explained Alabama Department of Revenue Deputy Commissioner Curtis Stewart.

The deadline to apply for transfers through Montgomery Public Schools was last month.  Alabama News Network has requested the remaining number of transfers within the school system.

For more information on the program click here.

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