Local Cleaning Service Offers Free Services to Cancer Patients

It’s not your typical cleaning service. The ladies of “Two Maids and a Mop”  serve as a healing tool for cancer patients.

“They can focus on themselves and not worry about cleaning. They’re going to chemo or they’re battling their own issues, so us coming in helps them be able to relax and focus on their health and their families,” says Autumn Thompson.

The service partners with “Cleaning for a Reason, ” a non profit organiazation that offers free house cleaning for women battling cancer. Louise Koronosky-a former cancer patient has received the services for nearly 3 years.

While she opts for their paid services, she still contributes to their mission, by providing these handmade blankets for other women battling cancer.

“When you’re going through cancer you have a lot down days. You have a lot of feeling-am I going to make it, is this the end? And you need something at that time to give you that love. That’s what these are for,” says Koronosky.

While these ladies clean the house from top to bottom, they say the lasting effect is building relationships with people like Koronosky.

“I’ll come in and it’s more than just cleaning. It’s like spending time with her more than just her maid or her cleaning lady,” says

“They come in and they sit and visit. We talk about what’s happening in their life. We talk about what I’ve been doing. What’s happening,” says Koronosky.

It’s a service that they call a labor of love.

“I just like watching the relationships that we have with the customers and watch them as they go through the process and also helping them out, makes us happy,” says Kayla Thompson.

If you would like to learn more about Two Maids and a Mop you can visit their website at www.twomaidsfranchise.com

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