Mo Brooks Calls on All GOP Candidates to Withdraw from Senate Race to Help Jeff Sessions Reclaim His Old Seat

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama), who is running in the U.S. Senate special election, is offering to withdraw from the race if all the other Republican candidates agree to quit themselves. Brooks says it would be an effort to help Attorney General Jeff Sessions reclaim his seat.

Sessions resigned from the U.S. Senate earlier this year in order to become Attorney General under President Trump. In recent weeks, Trump has publicly criticized Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Brooks made the offer in a press release. He says he hasn’t spoken to Sessions about it.

Here is the full text of the Brooks statement:

I make the following statement without prior discussion with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I do so because I do not want to put him into a potentially difficult position.

I have known Jeff Sessions since 1994. He is a good friend, a former boss who appointed me to be a Special Assistant Attorney General, one of Alabama’s finest sons, and a great man who has served Alabama capably and honorably as a Senator and Attorney General (both for America and Alabama).

In my opinion, the two greatest public servants I have ever personally met and looked up to are President Ronald Reagan and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

I was honored to receive Sessions’ endorsement the first time I ran for Congress in 2010. I have admired his courageous stands on immigration, the deficit and debt, on trade agreements, and his commitment to our America First agenda.

He is a patriot who cares deeply about his country and the rule of law.

I cannot remain silent about the treatment Jeff Sessions is receiving from President Trump. If the President has reservations about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that is okay. No two people agree all the time. But President Trump should raise his reservations with Attorney General Sessions privately, man to man, one on one, not publicly scorn a great man like this.

I support President Trump’s policies, but this public waterboarding of one of the greatest people Alabama has ever produced is inappropriate and insulting to the people of Alabama who know Jeff Sessions so well and elected him so often by overwhelming margins.

With that said, If President Trump wants a new Attorney General, he has that right. That is why today I am making the people of Alabama a “win-win” promise: a “win” for President Trump and a “win” for Jeff Sessions.

I offer to withdraw completely from the race for Senate if my other GOP opponents in this race will concur on the terms and conditions set forth in the accompanying “Resolution Reinstating Jeff Sessions as United States Senator”.

If all Republican candidates collectively agree to simultaneously withdraw from this race, then we clear the way for the Republican Party of Alabama to nominate Jeff Sessions to be the Republican nominee for the December 12, 2017 general election. He can return to the Senate where he has served us so well. President can then appoint whomever he wants as Attorney General.

An added benefit is that if Jeff Sessions returns to the U.S. Senate, he reenters the Senate with 20 years of seniority. That puts him in a compelling position to obtain key committee assignments and chairmanships, thereby empowering Jeff Sessions to best promote and protect the interests of Alabama and America . . . . a Seniority power and ability none of the current candidates can match until 2037 at the earliest.

I have signed this resolution, and I call on my opponents, Luther Strange, Roy Moore, and the rest of the field to join me.

I recognize that President Trump is popular in Alabama. My closest friends and political advisers have told me to not side with Jeff Sessions, that it will cost me politically to do so. My response is simple: I don’t care. If this costs me politically, that’s fine but I am going to the right thing for Alabama and America.

I stand with Jeff Sessions.

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