State Superintendent Addresses Ongoing MPS Intervention

When asked how he would grade the intervention into Montgomery Public Schools, State Superintendent Michael Sentance says he would give it a B.  It’s an intervention process that has had its share of controversy with many Montgomery County Board of Education members complaining about a lack of collaboration.  Sentance says this is something he’s working on.

“I enjoy them individually, I enjoy them as a group,” he explained, “I think that they are smart, challenging people that care deeply about their community.”

Sentance says he’s proud of what’s been accomplished so far.  He points to professional development programs for teachers and principals as one of the major successes as he hopes to provide more support to those working in the schools.

As for the next phase of the intervention, school specific improvement plans will be crafted in the coming weeks.  They’ll combine the recently released educational audits with feedback from the schools to create these individualized plans. Then they’ll move to improving the school system’s finances, which was one of the original reasons for the intervention.

“A budget plan for the next three to five years so that we know what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, and what the investments are that we have to make,” Sentance shared.

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