Voters Weigh In On U.S. Senate Seat Election Turnout

Voters will cast their ballots one week from today to decide who will fill Jeff Sessions U.S. Former Senate seat. In the final days leading up to the special election, a few voters in Montgomery have been getting familiar with candidates.

One voter, Ronny Sexton says that with such a crowded field of candidates, he hopes that other Alabamians have taken the time to do the same. “I would hope people are more likely to vote I mean I know we’re really divided in our country right now but we sure need some good people in office” says Sexton.

He believes many voters will chose to stay at home next Tuesday because they feel distant from what goes on on Capitol Hill. He adds “people need to understand that a lot of what happens in Washington affects Alabama directly”.

Fellow voter, Martin Wishnatski adds “I think you’ve got a close balance in the senate, 52 to 48, so the Alabama senator that replaces Jeff Sessions becomes an important vote”.

While they agree on the importance of next week’s special election, several voters carry mixed feelings on the anticipated turn out.

“The increased political scene has been changing recently obviously, I feel like a lot of people have taken a step back.” says Lindsay Ferraro.  On the contrary Sexton says “I feel like Americans know their vote matters, the last election should have proved that, because we had a candidate that nobody thought could be elected and he was elected because people were upset with what was going on in Washington”

The special election primary is Tuesday, August 15th  but if one candidate does not get at least 50 percent of the vote there will be a run-off election at the end of September.  The general election is set for December 12th..


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