Dog Dispute in Orrville Ends in Shooting

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Dallas County man is shot and another is wanted by authorities after an alleged dispute over a dog ends in gunfire Monday.
Authorities say the shooting happened after an Orrville man’s pit bull dog was taken out of his yard — and he confronted a neighbor about the missing animal.
They say the dispute ended in an exchange of gunfire between the two.
They say 18 year old Jared Tower of Orrville is wanted in the case for shooting Jessie Cater.
“Instead of settling it like men talking, Mr. Tower and start firing shots at Mr. Cater and Mr. Cater did return fire and he left the area to go home,” said Sheriff’s Office Investigator Capt. Mike Granthum.
“Mr. Tower followed Mr. Cater back to his residence and that’s when he started opening up fire on Mr. Cater with a shot gun.”
Granthum says anyone with information concerning his whereabouts call the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office at (334) 874-2530 — or Crime Stoppers at 1-866-44-CRIME.
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