Brew Tech Students Arrested after Gun found on Campus

A new school year for Montgomery Public Schools and already a weapon found on campus.
Crimestoppers’ Tony Garrett says this is a perfect opportunity for Crimestoppers to get involved.

“When a gun is found on school grounds, another student turns another student in that had the gun, we are going to reward the student 500 dollars. I can’t say if this was the case in this particular incident, but this is why the program was made,” said Garrett.

There were two other students in the car where the weapon was found at Brew Tech. MPS tells us they were questioned. All three of the students were arrested and will be disciplined by the school.

Montgomery Public Schools’ Chief Education Officer Reginald Eggleston says weapons on MPS campuses will not be tolerated.

“We are focused on creating a safe learning environment. We will not allow students to disrupt our classrooms, and we certainly will not allow weapons in our schools or on our campuses.”

Garrett says they also train schools on how to react to these situations.

“For security at MPS, we trained them last Friday, so they are familiar with the program. So if your school system is not familiar with Crimestoppers and wants to be involved, we don’t charge the school system anything. All we want is the students to know this is in the school system and they can use it,” said Garrett.







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