Gun Found on Brewbaker Tech Campus

A 16 year old male Brewbaker Technology student was found to have a handgun in his car in the school’s parking lot this morning. He was immediately taken into custody by police and will be proposed for expulsion.

Montgomery Public Schools’ Chief Education Officer Reginald Eggleston explained that weapons on MPS campuses will not be tolerated.

“We are focused on creating a safe learning environment,” said Eggleston. “We will not allow students to disrupt our classrooms, and we certainly will not allow weapons in our schools or on our campuses.”

Two other students in the car where the weapon was found were questioned. All three of the students were arrested and will be disciplined by the school.

Eggleston is asking parents to keep weapons secure and away from their children.

“I was told the student said the gun was his father’s and he left it in the car. However it was on our campus, and the student and his friends were seen with the weapon in the parking lot. Parents have to take responsibility for ensuring weapons are kept away from children.”

The weapon was never brought into the school and no one was threatened.

“This was a perfect example of how our administration, security and MPD work together to keep our schools safe,” added Eggleston.

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