Dallas Co. Schools Playing It Safe with Eclipse

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The solar eclipse is creating a lot of excitement around the country but school officials in Dallas County have decided not to let students view the eclipse directly.

Superintendent Hattie Shelton says she didn’t want to take the chance of someone damaging their eyes.

She says resources have been provided for teachers and students so they can watch the eclipse from indoors.

Shelton says that way they can use the event for learning without putting anyone at risk.

“I decided in case we don’t get the right glasses, something happens, then we’ve got a child whose injured and if I were a parent I would be upset,” said Shelton.

“So, my thing was to make sure that everyone that we served is safe and protected.”

The eclipse happens Monday the 21st.

Shelton says if parents decide to check kids out it’ll be counted as an excused day.

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