Alabama NAACP Speaks on Scheduled Unveiling of Crenshaw County Confederate Monument

Alabama NAACP members want Alabamians to support the removal of confederate monuments. They met with the media on Saturday specifically to oppose the scheduled unveiling of the new monument in Crenshaw County.

“It’s my understanding that it’s been erected since 2015-I don’t know. I haven’t been by there to see it and probably won’t go by and see it but regardless of when it was erected if they had to unveil it, why would they unveil it on the heels of such tragic events that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia,” says Benard Simelton, President of the Alabama State Conference NAACP.

“It’s getting ignited more and more. You see other elements in our society coming out more and more and I’m saddened to say that those elements more often are the uglier sides of Americans,” says Bobby Mays, President of the Elmore County NAACP

The new monument will be located on private property. But members say that does not make a difference.

“It’s not who owns it, it’s still the symbol that’s out there that represents hatred towards African Americans,” says Simelton.

The Crenshaw County unveiling will be open to the public. Members of the NAACP say they will not attend the dedication. But they are not encouraging the public one way or the other.

“We’re encouraging others to do what it’s their best interest to do,” says Simelton.

Members say they have sent a letter to Governor Ivey’s office regarding confederate monuments throughout the state. They say her office has received the letter and they will make efforts to reach out again to find out when they can meet with her.



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