State Preparations for Irma

Hurricane Irma’s force is being felt in south Florida it’s headed toward Alabama, and state officials are preparing.

“I’ve authorized the national guard personnel to be deployed immediately for pre-storm preparation efforts and to respond once the storm reaches us. i have also authorized additional national guardsmen and women to lend a helping hand to our friends in Florida,” says Governor Kay Ivey.

Governor Kay Ivey has already ordered level one activation of the emergency operations system. It entails extensive state response…providing support to local government agencies where resources and capability may be exceeded.

“We do not expect a level of catastrophic damage that has been recently seen in Texas or in Florida. but folks we must take this storm seriously,” says Governor Ivey.

Officials say 4 operation centers are now open along the eastern part of Alabama.

“We’re already seeing the outer rain bands of Irma reaching south Alabama . the extreme southeast Wiregrass portion of the state,” says John DeBlock of the National Weather Service in Birmingham.

Governor Ivey says she also spoken with president Donald Trump ahead of the storm, who assures her that Alabama is not alone.

“In his words he said we’ve got you covered. when asked what that really meant he said, “my team’s in place. we’ve got Alabama covered,”says Governor Ivey.

After monitoring Irma since it was a tropical storm, Governor Ivey says she’s confident that the state is ready.

“I certainly i can not say for sure what will happen. storms like this one are very unpredictable. but i am proud to say that we are ready to respond to the people of Alabama. we are ready to protect the people of Alabama,” says Governor Ivey.

State officials say for all updates on traffic conditions, you can visit

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