Voter Turnout for U.S. Senate Runoff

After weeks of campaigning, the Race for U.S. Senate is now back in the hands of voters, but voter turnout is expected to be low.

Recently, the race has gotten national attention with endorsements and rallies for Luther Strange from President Donald Trump, and former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin throwing her support behind Roy Moore.  Some voters say those endorsements don’t mean much.

“No and all of the calls I got on the phone didn’t sway me, I already knew who I was going to vote for,” explained John Stallings.


Other voters say they are disappointed the race took a negative turn

“It’s been a little bit more negative than I would have like to seen,” shared Bruce Downey.

Voters are hopeful their candidate will win, but know that campaign promises may fall short when they get to Washington.


“They both say things that are their policy and truth is when they get in there they’re going to have to work with a crowd and hopefully get something done,” noted Stallings.

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