Local Leaders React to Las Vegas Shooting

Like many people, city leaders have been glued to the TV watching the tragic events unfold in Las Vegas, but now they’re looking forward to making Montgomery as safe as possible.

Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham says his department always has to be prepared for the unexpected.  He commends Las Vegas authorities for their quick response to the incident, but says there are things that can be learned from this situation and stresses that the public always needs to alert authorities when something doesn’t seem right.  He says it’s very important for law enforcement to have access to city blueprints and surveillance cameras to be prepared.

“That’s one of the things that we always like to tell our community is that we in law enforcement we plan all the time, trust me and we over prepare alot of times with alot of things that we got,” Cunningham explained.

Sheriff Cunningham says it’s too early to know what those lessons from this incident will be.

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