Prattville Officials and Business Owners On Entertainment District Idea

Autauga Creek Craft House owner John Stewart is hopeful that the idea for an entertainment district in downtown Prattville could become a reality.  He says it could help not just his business, but the entire city.

“Do you want it all the time, probably not…but you do want a time where you can walk around, have a beer, enjoy the scenery down here, the beautiful creek,” Stewart explained.

The idea has recently re-emerged in Prattville, and while it hasn’t been officially brought up by the city council it is something that’s on their radar.

Council member Lora Lee Boone is not very fond of the idea right now.  She wonders how an open container ordinance would be monitored and enforced.

“How they use this as a balance between a family atmosphere and what adults are doing after hours is just a big question mark at this point,” she shared.


Back at the Craft House, Stewart understands people’s concerns and knows that this would take time.  He just encourages critics of the idea to look at the impact it could have.

“Look at the other cities that have done it…the Huntsvilles, the Mobiles, even the areas in Montgomery that are very well-patrolled and done right,” he shared.

The Prattville City Council has a meeting Tuesday night but the entertainment district is not on the agenda.


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