Donald Trump Jr. In Montgomery For Faulkner University’s Annual Benefit Dinner

Faulkner University held their Annual Benefit Dinner Thursday night. This year, Donald Trump Jr. took the stage, opening with remarks of a teacher that made a difference in his life.

Also praising Faulkner University as an example of higher education done right. “You’ve proven that you can get a first rate education on a fine campus for 20,000 dollars a year any where else today that would be an impossibility, you also do it while providing moral guidance for your students and by any standard that is truly a triumph” said Trump Jr.

Trump then moved on covering several other topics such as what he called the current attack on free speech against, especially on college campuses.  He criticized many liberal universities saying that they do not want true diversity, but instead students who look different but think the same way.

Emma Herren attended as guest and says “I came in here kind of skeptical but the things that he talked about the material that he covered were kind of good”.

Jake Mitchell agreed with Trump’s remarks about diversity on college campuses saying  “I think that’s what makes conversations interesting”.

Proceeds from the benefit dinner will go to support the university and student scholarships. Faulkner Also celebrated its 75th anniversary.

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