Gun Control Debate

The right to bear arms…
For some, it’s just common sense.

“Yeah, people carry just in case they get robbed or something like that. I understand you carry it to protect yourself,” said Margarita Leon.

Sunday night in Las Vegas, a gunman unloaded what is considered to be an automatic weapon on a concert crowd.
Brendan Sheales visiting, from Australia, was there just the day before.

“It’s pretty scary. I got a lot of texts and emails from people checking on me to see whether or not I was alive.”

He says there are strict gun laws in Australia.

“The gun related deaths are very few. We still have domestic violence and all those things going on, but the number of people shot, and I suppose randomly shot… Is pretty much nil,” said Sheales.

When it comes to automatic weapons, many agree that it’s time to toughen up our own laws.

“Even those who lobby for Second Amendment rights, say they do it for protection and or hunting or things of this nature. But I can’t recall the last time I was with somebody that was hunting a deer and you needed to down him with 70 rounds of an automatic weapon. So I think that is overkill, and I think having automatic weaponry at the hands of the average citizen puts our police at a disadvantage,” said Darnell Hughley.

In a statement today, the National Rifle Association says the “bump stocks,” which the Las Vegas shooter used to turn semi-automatic rifles into fully automated weapons, should be “subject to additional regulations.”

However, the NRA also stated, “Banning guns from law-abiding Americans based on the criminal act of a madman will do nothing to prevent future attacks.”



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