The Latest in Alabama’s Governor Race

A campaign announcement from Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox is sparking interest across Alabama as he officially enters the Governor’s race.

“He’s going to be a viable candidate. The question is can he win as a democrat in Alabama. This is a very republican state,” says Political Analyst Steve Flowers

Maddox mentions the scandals part of the state’s leadership, taking aim at republicans.

“There has been some scandal I just don’t know if alabamians tie that to a party or not. There were similar scandals during democrat administrations. I don’t know if the association is there but it would be interesting year to see though,” says Flowers.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says there is only one question.

“The question mark remains to be seen, rather or not a democrat can win in Alabama.”

With front-runners like Governor Kay Ivey in the race, does Maddox have a chance?
Flowers says in both parties, real issues need to be addressed.

“Infrastructure needs, prison reform needs to be addressed. There’s some critical needs in Alabama that can hopefully be discussed as issues rather than symbolic gestures and partisan platitudes,” says Flowers.

The party primaries for Alabama’s governor’s race is set for June 2018. Maddox has been Tuscaloosa’s mayor since 2005.

Among the list of others running in next year’s governor’s race are current Governor Kay Ivey, Huntsville Mayor tommy batltle and state agriculture commission john mcmillian.

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