Tuscaloosa Mayor Announces He’ll Run for Governor in 2018 Election

Pledging to end Alabama’s crisis in leadership, City of Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox announced today he is running for governor of the State of Alabama. In a video announcement released on his website, Maddox stated that he will rebuild trust in state government, and focus on lost jobs, closed rural hospitals and crumbling roads and bridges.

“I believe in Alabama and I believe in our potential which is why I believe that we must solve the crisis of leadership,” Maddox said.  “In the past 18 months, the Governor, the Speaker, the Chief Justice, and the Majority Leader have left office in shame.  And, when courage was required, silence was the only response from Montgomery’s leaders.

“The crisis of leadership has led to a crisis in state government where Alabama still ranks near the bottom in every quality of life indicator from education to health care. Preserving the status quo is not a strategy for creating a brighter future for all Alabamians,” Maddox said.

Three months ago, Maddox announced the formation of a committee to explore seeking the state’s highest office as a Democrat.  Since his announcement, 319 individuals have invested in his exploratory campaign, which is more than any declared candidate for governor during the same time period. 

With hundreds of volunteers committed statewide, Maddox believes the infrastructure is in place to win in 2018.  Even more importantly, Maddox’s family is looking forward to meeting the people of Alabama on this journey to believe again in our leaders.

Maddox is currently serving his fourth term as Tuscaloosa’s 36th Mayor.

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