Gov. Ivey gives Warning to all Alabamians ahead of TS Nate

“Alabamians you must prepare and remain vigilant. This is serious business.”

Governor Kay Ivey took to the airwaves across Alabama Friday afternoon.
She says she is in touch with the FEMA administrator and the White House.
She placed the National Guard into service. And she wants all Alabamians to have a plan.

“Now is the time to act. The biggest danger is to our coast. However, we expect the effects of Tropical Storm Nate to reach as far north as Birmingham and Gadsden with strong winds and rain. That means all Alabamians need to be weather aware in preparing for whatever the storm may bring,” said Ivey.

State EMA Director Brian Hastings says it may be time to restock some supplies.

“It’s time to think about your emergency stocks. Is your car filled? Do you have your batteries? What’s your plan to communicate? Are you electrical dependent?” said Hastings.

As Tropical Storm Nate heads north, Montgomery County EMA Director Christina Thornton says local crews will be on standby as well.

“Right now we are looking to activate our EOC just to have that step ahead of the game on Sunday so we have those people and those key points of contact in place. And if something were to happen, we are able to make those contacts quicker and hopefully get the response out to the community as fast as possible,” said Thornton.

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