Selma Trio Arrested for Identity Theft

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Three Selma men are arrested after local and federal authorities execute a search warrant at a Selma hotel and uncover an identity theft and counterfeiting ring.

Authorities say Demario Benjamin, Christopher Ford and Markus Gloss were operating an extensive criminal enterprise.

A several month investigation lead authorities to the trio and a counterfeit check and credit card making operation.

Investigators say the names, birthdays and social security numbers of more than a dozen people were in the room — along with guns, marijuana and more than a dozen cell phones.

“This wasn’t no little mom and pop criminal operation. This was a sophisticated operation with computers, machines, all that to produce counterfeit credit cards, counterfeit checks, all of this,” said Dallas County DA Michael Jackson.

“It was a sophisticated operation. Now they locked up in a sophisticated jail.”

Benjamin, Ford and Gloss are being held in the Dallas County Jail on $150,000 dollars consolidated bond.

Authorities say anyone who suspects they may have been a victim in this case — call the DA’s Office at (334) 874-2540.

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