Faulkner University to Host Billingsley Game After Field Woes

Faulkner University’s athletic department is making sure a group of high school football players from Autauga County have the game of their lives this Friday after their field was condemned for the season.

Their first game was a few weeks away when the Billingsley High School football team learned they would be unable to play on their home turf.

The seating at their school’s Mims Field, built in the 1960s, was deemed unsafe for fans and the team of about 24 boys was forced to look elsewhere to play their home matchups.

The stadium seating is being replaced and should be ready by next fall. In the meantime, the athletic department faced the imminent problem of finding a place to play, said athletic director, Coach J.T. Lawrence.

“For most of our games we were able to switch games around with other teams, which was helpful and arranged for the use of Marbury High School’s field, but there was one game that wouldn’t work. We would have to play on a Thursday, but that’s a school night and sometimes our games go long.”

That’s when Lawrence received a surprise call from Faulkner’s athletic department offering the use of their Billy D. Hilyer Stadium.

Faulkner’s President Mike Williams learned about Billingsley’s situation from the news and suggested the invitation.

“When I heard about the Billingsley High School stadium, I just knew we had to reach out to them and help in some way,” Williams said.

“High school football transcends the game and is an important part of the fabric of a community. We are very excited to have them as our guests. We want everyone to come out and fill the stands for them this Friday.”

The game will kick off at 7 p.m. against Robert C. Hatch High School.

“We are just so appreciative of the Faulkner athletic department for reaching out and offering us this opportunity and we’re thankful everything fell into place,” Lawrence said.

“It allows our kids to come down and see Faulkner’s campus and they are so excited to play on a college field.  We appreciate the gesture and the kindness of Faulkner.”

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