Local Reaction to Violent Crime Rise

Alabama News Network is following up to the violent crime in Montgomery.
And getting your reaction to what is happening in the city.

After the Raceway gas station shooting Monday that left a person in critical condition, District Attorney Daryl Bailey tells us crime is on the rise.

“Right now our city is under siege. We are under siege right now with this violent crime. We have had too many shootings. Too many homicides. And our public is scared. We need more police officers on the street. We need more detectives working these cases. Right now is not the time to be doing law enforcement on the cheap. We need the state legislator,the city, the county, everybody fully supporting law enforcement so we can take our city back,” said Bailey.

Do you agree with Bailey?

Jennifer Hayes says, “Yes. We desperately need more officers on the streets. We should get rid of Chris Murphy and his department and use that money to help.”

Kameshia Gray says, “Get out of Montgomery! Better yet, Get out of Alabama period if you know what’s good for ya!”

Matthew Kellor says,”The high crime rate is due to a lack of police in high crime areas. Step up the patrol and police presence.”

We have yet to hear back from city officials about their comments on the crime in Montgomery.

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