“Mensa” Offers to IQ-Test Trump & Tillerson

Trump brags he has a higher IQ than the Sec. of State

The Mensa organization administers IQ tests to people, and admits only the smartest into their group. CBS reports their invitation to the men was not accepted.      Only about 2% of the population gets a high enough score to belong to Mensa.

“When we were asked earlier about President Trump’s IQ and IQ testing … we just thought it would be fun to invite the president and Secretary Tillerson to take our test — not as a challenge or any kind of political commentary — really it’s just more about highlighting a special month for us,” Brown said. “October of 1946 was when our organization was founded and every October we take advantage of that to encourage admissions tests.”

You can try a sample of the questions at the CBS website HERE.

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