Dangerous Perry Co. Road to Get Multi-Million Dollar Fix

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Perry County officials say they’re making final preparations to repair one the county’s most dangerous roads.

County officials say they’re working on a project to repair and strengthen nine miles of County Road 12.

They say the project will make the road safer for motorist who use it.

They say the cost of the road project is about $2.4 million dollars.

They say a Delta Regional Authority infrastructure grant capped off the funding needed for the project.

“It was an excellent opportunity to have them come in and have them do a part of this project,” said Commissioner Cedric Hudson.

“We have the federal aid funds that’s going to be kicking in. We have county funds. So, its going to be a wonderful project cause its not just one entity that’s taking care of everything. Its a combination of people coming together and trying to do something good for the community.”

County officials say they expect to start the project this spring.

They say it’ll take about 30 days to complete.

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