Montgomery Mayor, Police Officials Respond To Recent Violence in the City

Following a shooting early Monday morning at a Montgomery gas station, many are calling on city officials for answers and solutions to what seems to be an increase in violent crime in the city.

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey spoke out Tuesday saying ,“right now, our city is under siege. We are under siege right now with this violent crime. We have had too many shootings. Too many homicides. And our public is scared. We need more police officers on the street. We need more detectives working these cases. Right now, is not the time to be doing law enforcement on the cheap. We need the state legislators, the city, the county, everybody fully supporting law enforcement so we can take our city back”.

Thursday morning at a weekly media briefing, Mayor Todd Strange stood along side Montgomery police officials, and also spoke out on the recent violence in the city.  The mayor did not respond directly to D.A. Bailey’s comment but said  “the perception is that crime is up, the reality is that it is not”. The mayor says that violent crime is in fact down from last month’s numbers and that there has been less violence in the city this year, compared to 2016.

“Do we need more police officers?” Strange asked, “absolutely we need more police officers”. The mayor went on saying “This group right here (Montgomery Police) is not getting the respect, they are not getting the credit that is due to them. Are we having incidents of crime absolutely is it higher is it lower? We can demonstrate that its lower.”

As for the root of violent crime in Montgomery,  Strange says “things that happen in our city happen because of mental health, because of drugs and because of alcohol”. When it comes to homicides ,while unfortunate, the mayor says “if you are minding your own business and you are not involved in a life style that on the edges , or in criminality you’re going to be perfectly fine 99.9% of the time”.

As for a solution, Mayor Strange said “We can do our part but we cant do it all. You expect us to solve and to prevent crime, we need our citizens we need our parents we need everybody putting their shoulder to the wheel to be able to do this.”

Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley  gave a a similar response, saying “we need the community to help us out if you see something say something.  Call, make us accountable, make us build that trust in us and what we do… how we protect and serve the community. If you don’t call and you want to just put everything on the social media as opposed to calling us right away when things are happening we’re going to have some issues and concerned we are going to be behind the 8-ball”.










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