Prattville Restaurant Owner Opts Not to Show NFL Games or Related Broadcasts

Randy Eckman is the owner of Fox’s Pizza Den in Prattville.

He has posted a sign on the door telling customers NFL games will no longer be shown on the TV’s in the restaurant.

It’s difficult to miss the sign on the door—-it blasts what it calls disrespect for the flag and the American military. The owner was not available for an interview Saturday, but we talked with folks on the street outside.

“As far as putting up a sign on the restaurant I don’t necessarily agree with that but I do think it’s a good marketing strategy to draw in supporters and if that is his stance on the issue then he as a business owner has the right to put it up there, if that’s the kind of customers he’s trying to attract,” says Savannah Cowart.

President Donald Trump has told the team owners to fire the protesting players but that only increased the number who were protesting. Some are “Taking a knee”…Or staying in their locker rooms. Kathy Noojin says she agrees with the sign on the door.

“I love it. I totally disagree with them taking a knee. If they want to do it before or after that’s fine but not during,” says Noojin.

“I’m eating here today because he does not show the NFL. I do not support the nfl and their way of thinking. I’m a Vietnam vet. We served proudly for our country,” says David Young.

So what are the TV’s inside turned to instead of NFL games?

“The news mostly. I didn’t pay attention when I came in but I know the news is on the tv that I’m watching,” says Noogin.

“Busy places like this not showing in the games anymore is going to bring less business to the nfl because people don’t want to hear about and what’s going on with that stuff. They want to know about football, what’s going on with the players,” says Bailey Marks

All of the customers we spoke with support the restaurant owner.

“National television, with the national anthem is not the place to be voicing that,” says Young.

The purpose of the NFL players protest is to support the original player–Colin Kapernick—who has yet to be hired after his protest started and to protest a series of police shootings of unarmed black men.

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