Family of Crenshaw County Man Hoping Reward Will Help Solve His Murder

$10,000 reward offered in hopes money will help police catch killer in Earl Cosby case

Brent Cosby has fond memories of his father.

“He loved everybody. He never had a harsh word to say about anybody,” said Cosby.

That’s why it was a shock, Cosby says, to learn his father Earl was murdered.

Earl Cosby was found shot to death June 13, 2016 at his car dealership in Rutledge.

“It looks like it was a robbery and probably someone who was seeking some drug money or some quick cash,” said Cosby.

Reports say Earl Cosby was last seen at Rhodes Grocery on the day his body was found. 

“Our family needs peace with this and we also need to know as a community that the person or persons who did this are brought to form of justice, so they can kind of let things settle down again. Things like this don’t happen here,” said Cosby.

Rutledge Mayor Steve Phillips says residents are still shaken by the murder.

“Small town, where nobody used to lock their doors, take the keys out of the cars, now you do,” said Mayor Phillips. “I would like to see Earl’s killer brought to justice. Case solved and move on.”

Cosby’s case is being investigated by the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office. The family has even put up a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

“It’s an excellent way to get some attention out there and we’ve gotten a lot of attention since we posted the reward and an 800-number for people to contact.”

If you have information on the Earl Cosby case, you are urged to call 1-833-432-6972 or the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office at 334-335-6568.

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