Wetumpka Walmart Greeter Celebrates Major Milestone

Retail store, star greeter celebrate 30th anniversary

Wetumpka Walmart greeter James Osborne has one mission every time a customer walks through the door.

“Make them feel welcome and tell ’em have a good day and all,” said Osborne.

Osborne has been with the store since it opened 30 years ago.

He recalls a conversation with Walmart founder Sam Walton.

“I talked to him on the telephone and he said, you’re going to go big one day, that’s what he told me you’re going big one day, and I did,” said Osborne.

Associates say Osborne is a welcome sight.

“They can be lost in the store or looking for something in the store and they know they can go to James and that he’s going to direct them in the right direction,” said manager Jamie Holley.

Holley says it’s employees like Osborne that make it family.

In three decades, the retail giant has had a positive effect on the Wetumpka community.

“Every chance we get, always doing something, donating to somebody, to the schools, to the nursing homes,” said Holley.

As for Osborne, he says he’ll keep up the greeting as long as he can…

“30 years is a long time. I never worked at a company this long before. I thought I’d just work a few years and then hang it up, but nah, I keep on working,” said Osborne.

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