College Football Fans Plan Slew of Activities for Bye Weekend

Local Alabama and Auburn fans gear up for off-Saturday

Both Alabama and Auburn fans will have one thing in common Saturday and that’s… withdrawal.

Eight weeks into the season, both the Tide and Tigers have that much-needed and well-deserved bye-weekend.

For the players, it’s a great time to heal those bumps and bruises. But, for the fans, well, it leaves them with a blank slate for Saturday.

We took to the streets of downtown Montgomery Friday to ask Tide and Tiger fans, “How will you spend your weekend without football?”

Below is a sampling of their responses:

“We’re going to Desoto Falls to see the Fall leaves change.”
“I think I’m going to a Halloween party since Halloween’s right around the corner so going to have a little fun with that.”
“I have no clue, I’ll probably go to the movies.”
“I’m probably going to be coaching volleyball and watching other SEC teams play.”
“I pull for Alabama all the time. I have two kids going to school there. Anyway, I will watch college football all weekend long.”
“I’m shook they’re not having a game. I’m mad, but it’s okay.”

No need to be mad long, of course. Both teams will return to the gridiron next weekend. Auburn will spend the bye weekend preparing to battle Texas A&M next Saturday. Meanwhile, Alabama will gear up to play against LSU.

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