City of Greenville ushers in new era of healthcare

Hospital purchase comes with major healthcare partnership

As of Wednesday, the city of Greenville has officially taken ownership of L. V. Stabler Memorial Hospital.

“We’re excited about a new day and a new hospital,” said Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon.

It is multi-million dollar deal that leaders say will ensure growth and stability.

“The city council felt like it was important for us to reach out and do what we had to do as a city to make sure we had the best healthcare in Butler County,” said McLendon.

The hospital had been on the market for about a year.

“We’re thrilled that the city council, the mayor, did what they did to ensure Greenville that has a hospital and the surrounding areas,” said Donny Rentfro, CEO of L. V. Stabler Memorial Hospital.

Residents will help fund the purchase through a half a cent sales tax increase.

“That generates about $825,000 a year and that is what’s going for the hospital to help turn it around,” said McLendon.

That turnaround is critical. Like other hospitals, L. V. Stabler has suffered from financial problems for several years.

“We need our people that live in the surrounding areas and in Greenville, we need you to use this hospital because this is not the fix all because the city’s with it. We’ve got to turn this around financially and we will.”

There are more than 100 health care professionals on staff at L. V. Stabler.  And more jobs – and services – could be added. The city has started a partnership with UAB Health Systems to operate the hospital.

“They have all kinds of education programs that we hope to tap into to bolster the already strong staff we have, but we’re always looking for specialists, primary care providers, and other clinical experts. We’re very excited about the prospect of bringing those folks on.”

The City of Greenville has also established a healthcare authority with a five-member board.  That board will oversee policy and procedures at L. V. Stabler.

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