Fort Dale Academy Unveils Football-Themed Mural

Mural spans more than a decade of memories on the gridiron

The Fort Dale Academy football team is winning on the field and their inspiration may just come from the field house.

“Anything that gets your attention and makes you work harder and understand your goals is good for an athlete,” said Coach James Sampley, Fort Dale Academy Head Football Coach.

Last week, the school unveiled a football-themed photo collage mural – a tribute to the football team’s success.

“What we want them to do is get excited about it and want to play football here at Fort Dale and carry on the tradition that’s been going on around here since 1969,” said Sampley.

The photo collage covers two walls of the field house and spans more than a decade of memories on the gridiron. It displays pictures of games and players past, plus quotes from famous athletes. The project’s aim is not only to inspire players and coaches, but the entire student body.

“Our goal was for them to have pride in what we do as a school from an athletic standpoint, but even more important to have a feeling of pride about our school and maybe even from an academic standpoint,” said David Brantley, Fort Dale Academy’s Headmaster.

With football mania at an all-time high, the photo collage has been well received.

“This has been such a good thing and a success that we’re anxious to maybe even move on to other parts of the school and other sports and do it,” said Brantley.

A fitting addition that will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

The mural was funded by memorial gifts donated in memory of Perry Singleton, a 2012 Fort Dale graduate and former football player who lost his life a year ago last week.

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