Signs Stolen off Roof of Longtime Montgomery Restaurant

A longtime Montgomery business owner says signs were stolen right off of the roof of his restaurant.  This happened at Country’s Barbecue on Atlanta Highway and the owner is hoping someone knows who took his signs.

Larry Powell says someone took the Coca Cola signs from the roof of his restaurant over the weekend.

“Somebody wanted them more than we did, I guess,” he explained.

Powell says the signs are vintage and they aren’t very cheap or easy to find, estimating they’re worth at least $500 a piece.  That’s not the only thing about this that makes him uncomfortable, though.

“It’s the idea that somebody climbed up on the roof of our building and broke the mounting on the signs off and took them,” Powell shared.

Now Powell, is asking for anyone with information to come forward.  He says if the person who took the signs returns them, he won’t press charges.

Montgomery Police say they are investigating the incident.

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