U.S. Senate Candidates Continue Campaign

We’re just over a month away from deciding who will the Alabama Senate seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Doug Jones or Roy Moore. Both senate hopefuls made a stop in the Capitol City Wednesday.

Democratic candidate Doug Jones spoke to local clergymen in Montgomery Wednesday morning, outlining what he says voters care about most.

“Particularly healthcare and education I think those are I think the drivers right now people are concerned about jobs, income and raising the wages but I think health care is the biggest concern right now” said Jones.

Current polls indicate that Jones is trailing republican opponent Roy Moore, though, Jones says he says he’s not too concerned with numbers right now. “I think about polls the way Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn think about games, there’s only one that matters on December 12th”.

Roy Moore visited with local sheriffs who have pledged their support. Despite a nearly 10 percent lead in current polls, Moore says low voter turnout still remains a concern. “A special election is just that, it’s not the usual, time you vote and there’s a lot of apathy among voters these days” he explained.

Moore says much of the remainder of the campaign will aim to drive home the importance of heading to the polls.




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